SMS Text Messaging Campaigns and 10DLC What You Must Be aware of

How does 10DLC work? What is the significance of it?

10DLC, also referred to as the 10-Digit long code, is the term used to describe the use of an ordinary 10-digit phone number for business communications such as MMS and SMS messages. It was designed in response to the changing regulations and policies for carriers within the United States with the intention to increase the delivery rate and limit fraud or spam. The implementation of 10DLC rules guarantees high efficiency for businesses by giving them their own unique numbers which eliminate the need sharing short codes which was a typical method of communication between businesses and consumers.

The use of 10DLC is crucial for business owners and marketers who want to participate in SMS text messages. This is because, in contrast to shared short code, 10DLC numbers provide greater deliverability and enhanced confidence of customers due to the tracking of messages. Furthermore, 10DLC helps in maintaining compliance with regulations since each number is assigned to a specific company. The process for applying involves careful screening, which reduces the chance of misuse, and thus improving the image of companies who follow these rules.

Failure to adhere to 10DLC rules could result in businesses being subject to severe penalties which include blocked messages as well as penalties. In addition, adhering to these rules will ensure that businesses keep their reputation and credibility as well, both of which are vital in today’s digital world. With registered 10DLC numbers, companies can also send out large-scale messages without worrying about being considered spam or blocked by the carriers. This allows for more effective marketing campaigns which results in better response and ROI. Thus, the importance to be in compliance with 10DLC regulations is not overstated for business owners and marketers looking to run effective, efficient and secure SMS-based campaigns.

How Can I Be 10DLC compliant?

If you’ve already completed the procedure through another method, be sure to put the information in order so that you can communicate it to our team. Making sure that you have the 10DLC registration completed will enable us to increase the size of the services you provide on your behalf and increase the probability that the telecom industry will let our intended recipients receive our messages. The registration process could take as long as 2 weeks, so please aid us in accelerating this process to benefit you.

Our customers will be sent the link to a form request form which will prompt users to fill in all the information that is missing and to verify the information they have filled in. Once all the information required is submitted successfully the team at our disposal will take care of the rest.

Here is a general guideline for how to start registering a campaign on 10DLC:

  1. Select a 10DLC Provider Choose an aggregator or provider that has been registered in the Campaign Registry (TCR) and will assist you set the 10DLC numbers. The provider should have an API or interface to assist you in the registration procedure.
  2. Business Verification: Once you’ve decided on your service, you’ll need to undergo a business verification procedure. This requires you to provide key information about your company including the name, address as well as tax identification numbers and type of industry. The company will utilize these details to confirm whether you’re a legitimate company through the TCR.
  3. Campaign Registration: Once the verification of your business and registered, you can sign up for your use case, or campaign. This involves providing details like the contents of your messages and campaign’s goal, the estimated number of messages and much more.
  4. 10DLC Number Assignment your campaign has been approved; you’ll be assigned a 10 digit lengthy code (10DLC) number to use specifically for your campaign.
  5. Campaign Verification: Once you have your 10DLC number, certain organizations may require going through a second process of verification through This is a platform that can be used in cases of more thorough investigation of your campaign’s information by the carrier. You’ll be required to give details about your campaign, such as the sender and details of the message.
  6. Launch Your Campaign After your campaign and the 10DLC number have been accepted, you can begin sending out messages.

Keep in mind that the process will differ slightly based on the specific 10DLC service you select. Be sure to follow the guidelines and procedures that you receive from your provider to make sure that the registration process is smooth.

What is the reason I’m required to undergo additional vetting? provides another layer of verification for campaigns that are classified to be “special business use-cases” or ones that could pose greater risk. It helps in preventing fraudulent or spam-like messages and ensures that all communications is in compliance with regulatory standards and safeguards users from harmful or unwanted messages.

For example, companies operating in highly regulated fields such as finance, healthcare gambling, and so on, may require further verification. This is also applicable to companies that distribute numerous messages or are involved in situations that could be considered sensitive, such as marketing, debt collection as well as political or other campaigns.

In addition, campaigns that have previous incidents of non-compliance and high rates of complaints or ones that are associated with businesses that do not have a good reputation for trust may also prompt a need for additional review. In these situations, the carriers as well as even the Campaign Registry itself might direct the campaign to to conduct a thorough analysis.

The specific situations that require additional verification may differ and are susceptible to change as the carrier’s policies and regulations change. Therefore, businesses must keep up to date with the latest regulations to ensure seamless communication with their target audience and keep in compliance with regulations.

Last Thoughts

Making sure that you’re in that you are in compliance with 10DLC isn’t only about following the rules, it’s an important step that can bring a myriad of advantages for companies running SMS campaigns. A properly run 10DLC campaign results in higher message delivery rates and lowers the possibility of being classified as spam, increasing the efficacy and impact of your marketing campaigns. When you adhere to these rules firms can build trust with their customers through ensuring they receive authentic and relevant messages. This can lead to greater engagement rates and enhanced customer relationships. Businesses can also send large volumes of messages without limitations which allows for the ability to scale. In addition, compliance with 10DLC signifies a dedication to ethical business practices, which helps improve the reputation of the company and credibility in the marketplace. In conclusion, although 10DLC compliance could take time and money, it is a crucial element that is crucial to the effectiveness for SMS campaign marketing.

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